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Robert J. Sawyer's Foreigner

Alternative-Worlds.com: "The final tale of the Quintaglio Ascension is a fabulous science fiction story that makes the saurian races seem real. The three prime well written subplots tie together in a delightful climax."

Tom Easton in Analog (New York): "Sawyer deserves a round of vigorous applause."

The Bakka Bookie Sheet (Toronto): "A fine end" to a "highly acclaimed, solid sf series, and a fine comment on the growth of reason."

Booklist: "Deftly combines well-reasoned hard-science speculation with psychology, imaginative alien anthropology, and even linguistics to produce a fascinating and memorable adventure that's not just for dinosaur lovers."

The Edmonton Journal: "An excellent read; very entertaining. Sawyer, with incredible research and preparation, has created a world and a society that is believable and seamless. The writing and story are so fresh that even those who prefer a more radical speculative fiction will enjoy this."

NorthWords: The Journal of Canadian Content in Speculative Literature (Ottawa): "Like a fine chef, Sawyer takes all the necessary ingredients needed for effective world building and delivers a gourmet's delight on a silver platter. It's a true feast to indulge yourself in Sawyer's world. As the mysteries unfold, you will be kept turning pages well into the night and perhaps into the next day."

Semi-Circular of Janus, Circle of Janus SF Club of Central Indiana: "A Hugo-caliber work. Sawyer has achieved a fine balance between characters, plot, writing, and that all-important `sense of wonder.' The result is one of the finest series I have ever read."

Quill & Quire: Canada's Magazine of Book News and Reviews (Toronto): "Sawyer's narrative skills are again obvious, making an enjoyable read of a tight and scientific plot. The characters are compelling. A fine end to a brilliant series, one that should vault Sawyer into the first rank of science fiction writers."

Science Fiction Chronicle (New York): "Sawyer winds things up in good style, and I'll be sorry to see the last of Afsan and his troubled but basically admirable people."

SFRA Review: "A deftly done novel; an audacious, extremely enjoyable book. Highly recommended."

The Toronto Star: "Fresh; exhilarating. A rousing conclusion" to "a dynamic and inspiring trilogy. Highly recommended."

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