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Robert J. Sawyer's The Terminal Experiment

The Denver Post: "The interplay of ideas makes this a successful science fictional mystery."

The Edmonton Journal: "A very intriguing philosophical journey; a taut, believable exciting mystery story. Sawyer takes science and medicine and mixes them into a very good tale with the bonus of characters and a plot that are not mere cut-outs. If there is any justice, it will receive at least some of the push and sales reserved for other medical thrillers by Robin Cook, Crichton, and their ilk."

Fictional Fix: "Spellbinding — a thriller that at its heart questions the very meanings of what it means to be human. It is action-packed and yet contemplative, full of richly drawn and intriguing characters and combines science fiction with murder mystery for an assuredly entertaining experience."

The Globe and Mail (Toronto): "A terrific mix of science, technological derring-do, and murder. A great story; a crackerjack novel."

Hugo- and Nebula-winner Nancy Kress, author of Beggars in Spain: "The Terminal Experiment is what science fiction should be: full of exciting concepts and surprising turns of plot. Sawyer has succeeded in blending the high-tech mystery novel with the cutting-edge-future SF story, and has enriched both with fascinating philosophical speculation about life after death. This book matters. I highly recommend it."

Anne McCaffrey, author of Dragonflight, on the news that The Terminal Experiment had won the Nebula Award: "The merits of your fine novel The Terminal Experiment were well and truly recognized. My sincerest congratulations. That book richly deserved the honor."

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: "The basic setup of The Terminal Experiment is that of a near-future thriller, and it works admirably. Sawyer has done such a fine job, it's little wonder that earlier this year the book won the Nebula Award for best novel."

Glenn Grant in The Montreal Gazette: "Audacious. Sawyer is to be commended for raising important philosophical issues in the form of a highly entertaining scientific mystery. His characters are convincing; their motivations and relationships are always at the heart of the action."

The Ottawa Citizen: "A page-turner; a quality read. Murder is the name, and chases through cyberspace the game — a cautionary tale straight from the murky depths of the brave new world of our data future. Entirely realistic."

Joseph Novak, Ph.D., in Literary Form, Philosophical Content: Historical Studies of Philosophical Genres (Lavery & Groarke, eds., 2010): "The Terminal Experiment is a full-length novel by a Nebula Award-winning author who deftly weaves the elements of character, concepts, and conversation into an impressive tapestry of philosophical insight and dramatic action."

Quill & Quire (1995): "Robert J. Sawyer seems to be building a reputation as Crichton North with his growing list of science-fiction thrillers. The Terminal Experiment is his sixth novel and it positions him as a writer with potential to cross over from the science-fiction audience to the broader thriller-reading public. There is enough here for several novels, and Sawyer is adept at keeping his various narrative and philosophical streams in full spate. Sawyer is intelligent and entertaining, and he deserves to join the ranks of the most successful contemporary commercial scribblers. Any time the reader is already casting the movie in his head (Harrison Ford? Lawrence Fishburne? Al Waxman?), a writer is clearly onto something big."

Hugo-winner Mike Resnick, author of Paradise: "The Terminal Experiment shows why Robert J. Sawyer has catapulted to the top rank of science fiction writers. It's Sawyer's best novel yet, and should be a definite contender for all the major awards."

Hugo-winner Jo Walton: "Classic SF in the tradition of Clarke and Benford."

Science Fiction Chronicle: "A well-balanced blend of scientific mystery components, well-characterized and plotted."

SF Site: "Robert J. Sawyer won the Nebula Award with this novel, and I would have voted for it. There is so much of interest in this book — artificial intelligence, a good murder mystery, a nicely realized near-future, and, as I've come to expect from Sawyer's novels, thought-provoking philosophy. This is science fiction at its most thought provoking. The exploration of ideas and their implications is fundamental for good hard SF. Sawyer definitely succeeds in that exploration here, but then goes a step farther, making it personal and therefore even more meaningful."

Tangent: "I thoroughly lost myself in this fast-moving, finely detailed and engaging story populated with (what a relief!) believable characters. Intriguing, well-conceived, and entertaining. Sawyer has a killer instinct for plot."

The Toronto Star: "Sawyer's impressive storytelling skills make The Terminal Experiment a compelling thriller."

A character in Tim Wynne-Jones's novel The Emperor of Any Place: "If you would like something very entertaining, I have just finished a work of science fiction by Mr. Robert J. Sawyer, The Terminal Experiment. It is a shocker, let me tell you: a murder mystery but also a very interesting treatise on ethical philosophy. Most intriguing."

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