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Comments About and Awards for
the Robert J. Sawyer Web Site

"Sawyer's is the largest genre writer's home page in existence."
— Interzone

"Robert J. Sawyer's home page is the most elaborate and interesting of any created by a Canadian writer."
— The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature

"The most complete science-fiction author site on the web!"
— Talk City

"Huge; an unbelievably extensive web site."
— Made in Canada: An Internet Guide to Canadian Science Fiction

"Lots of authors have web sites; Rob Sawyer's is one of the best."
— Evelyn C. Leeper in The MT Void

"It's not a home page — it's a mansion page!"
— John Robert Colombo

"An enormous amount of content; a wealth of material."
— Science Fiction Age

If Sawyer isn't the first Web-savvy author, he could very well be the most prolific."
— Toronto Life

"An outstanding web site."
— Writing Now

"Widely believed to have been the first science fiction author site."
— Reuters

"Sawyer's site is strongly recommended."
— Speculations

Awards Won by the
Robert J. Sawyer Web Site

[Canuck] [eye] [Netizen] [HotSite]
[Beedo Sookcool] [MNet Web Services] [Best of the Web]
[Quatec] [Cool Reality] [Market-Tek]

The Robert J. Sawyer Web Site is the winner of:

First Row:

  • Canuck Site of the Day for May 5, 6, and 7, 2000, from Maple Square
  • An eyesite of the Day Award, sponsored by eye newspaper and The Microsoft Network
  • A Netizen Site for the Day Award, recognizing excellence in Canadian web sites
  • The Hot Site Award from mush.net

Second Row:

  • Beedo Sookcool's "Seal of Coolness" thumbs-up award
  • MNet Web Services #1 Web Site award
  • Eternity's Best of the Web Award (site of the day for January 26, 1998), sponsored by Pulp Eternity speculative-fiction magazine

Third Row:

  • The Website Design Award from Quatec
  • The Cool Reality award from Artistic Reality, a site that provides free cool animation
  • The Market-Tek Design Award from Market-Tek

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