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Do Genes Define Our Destiny?

[Rob Sawyer inside DNA]

The Human Genome Project is currently mapping out every bit of DNA that makes up a human being — soon we will have the complete blueprint for life. What will we do with that information? How will it affect health care? Does our upbringing really have any impact, or is everything we are determined by our genes?

Futurist and best-selling science-fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer will discuss the greatest moral quandaries facing us today, including:

  • The impact genetic information will have on the health-insurance industry.

  • Whether we should ban human cloning.

  • Designer babies.

  • The possibilities — and dangers — of genetic engineering.

CREDENTIALS: Sawyer is President of the Science Fiction Writers of America, and the only author in history to win the top SF awards in the U.S., Japan, Canada, France, and Spain. He's made over 75 national TV appearances and done countless radio shows. Sawyer's novel Frameshift, a finalist for the Hugo Award, is set against the backdrop of the Human Genome Project.

"I've interviewed 600 writers, and Sawyer is one of the most thoughtful, provocative, and articulate. He delivers what producers want." — Mark Askwith, TVOntario and Space

"I haven't had this much fun in a long time! Forget the Psychic Friends Network — Sawyer provides a REALISTIC look at the future. He's a great guest whom we hope to have back many times." — Jon May, morning host, WLVL-AM

"Sawyer is compelling on TV. He turns his powerful future visions into thought-provoking commentary on today's major issues." — Paul Lewis, Executive Producer, The Discovery Channel

AVAILABILITY: Upstate New York, Southern Ontario, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.

CONTACT: Carolyn Clink, carolyn@sfwriter.com.

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