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Short Stories

  • "The Stanley Cup Caper" — a short-short commissioned by The Toronto Star in honour of the World Science Fiction Convention coming to Toronto for the first time in 30 years (1,000 words).

  • "Ours to Discover" — a short-short by Robert J. Sawyer, plus other short-shorts by Terence M. Green and Andrew Weiner, introduced by John Robert Colombo, from the November 1982 issues of Leisure Ways (800 words).

  • "The Transformed Man" — from the 2010 anthology Tesseracts Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories. Finalist for the 2011 Aurora Award in the category of best poem (!) (1,000 words).

Story from Audible.com

A number of my novels are available from Audible.com, but if you want to check out my short stories, there is only one available:

"Identity Theft," first published in Down These Dark Spaceways, then reprinted in Nebula Awards Showcase 2007. Both these anthologies were edited by Mike Resnick.

"Identity Theft" won Spain's top science fiction award the Premio UPC de Ciencia Ficción, for Best Novella of the Year. It was a finalist for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards in 2005.

It's a hard-boiled dectective story set on Mars. It is also the beginning of my novel Red Planet Blues.

Check out Audible.com for "Identity Theft."

Unabridged audio of "Identity Theft" from Audible.com

Identity Theft and Other Stories

[Identity Theft] A new collection of 17 short stories published in May 2008, by Red Deer Press of Calgary, Alberta.

The introduction is by Hugo Award-winning author Robert Charles Wilson.

You can order autographed copies of the hardcover from this web site!

More about Identity Theft and Other Stories

Iterations and Other Stories

[Iterations cover art] Twenty-two of Rob's short stories are collected in Iterations, published in hardcover in January 2002, by Quarry Press of Kingston, Ontario.

Reprinted in trade paperback in February 2004 and again in March 2008 by Red Deer Press of Calgary, Alberta.

The introduction is by award-winning author James Alan Gardner.

You can order autographed copies of the hardcover from this web site!

See what the hardcover and trade paperback covers look like.

More about Iterations and Other Stories

"Science Fiction fans everywhere will find something to enjoy in Iterations and Other Stories, a collection of short stories from Hugo and Nebula award winner Robert J. Sawyer. With a vast array of subjects, the short stories range in perspective from that of a T-Rex to that of the pope, and many of the tales are award winners or finalists in their own right. Iterations and Other Stories is a fine addition to any short fiction collection focusing on science fiction." [5 out of 5 stars] —Midwest Review of Books

Relativity: Essays and Stories

[Relativity art]
An eclectic mix of short stories, speeches, articles, plus all twelve "On Writing" columns are collected in Relativity, published in hardcover in November 2004, by ISFiC Press of Chicago, Illinois. All ISFiC Press titles are now sold by NESFA Press.

Winner of the Aurora Award for Best Work in English (Other).

The introduction is by the late, multiple-award-winning author Mike Resnick.

You can buy copies of this Aurora-Award-winning hardcover from Bakka-Phoenix Books in Canada, or directly from NESFA Press.

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