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"Here are a few of the things I like about Robert J. Sawyer: His novels are fast moving and tightly constructed; his characters are developed so that I care what happens to them; the science in his science fiction is intrinsic to the plot but not so arcane that readers have to be nuclear physicists to understand it; and he doesn't imitate others or himself." —Denver Rocky Mountain News
[Red Planet Blues]

Stand-alone Novels:

The WWW trilogy — the World Wide Web gains consciousness:


The NEANDERTHAL PARALLAX trilogy — novels of a different Earth:


The QUINTAGLIO ASCENSION trilogy — a world of intelligent dinosaurs:

Ancient Curiosities:

"Robert J. Sawyer writes my favorite kind of science fiction. Interesting characters, fast-paced plotting, science threaded elegantly into the prose — he does it all with grace and style. I am constantly amazed by the depth of Sawyer's characters — their humanity, their failings and their instincts." —SF Site

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