Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where to submit

So, I got this question via email today (no please, no thank you, just the naked question): "Re: sci-fi short stories. Where would I submit short story?"

My reply:

"To whichever science-fiction magazine is your favorite; if you don't have one -- if you're not actually reading the markets you want to sell to -- your chances of success are almost zero."

Of course, the major magazines in the US are Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. But if you want to publish in them, you've got to read them. :)

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At November 29, 2007 7:36 PM , Blogger S.M.D. said...

That's part of the reason why I started buying issues of various magazines. In doing so I actually discovered Neo-Opsis, a Canadian magazine that I'm sure you're familiar with, that is actually really quite good. I'll be submitting there soon as they publish stories that are similar to mine.
The problem with knowing the market is that half of those magazines you can't find anywhere except, perhaps, online. I had problems finding a simplistic way to buy back issues of Asimov's and F&SF, two of the big three, and I am subscribed to Analog (again), and waiting on an issue to show up. The only way to really buy magazines these days is to buy online, so if you want to try something you have to hunt down a website. Almost all the book stores or magazine stands I have ever been to, even in big cities, have had absolutely nothing in terms of fiction magazines/journals, which makes it difficult for a lot of people to find things, especially if you hate reading online for long periods of time, which I do. I do read a lot online, but I can't do it for more than an hour, which ruins the reading experience for me if I'm really into a book.
That's not really an excuse as much as a commentary on some problems with the magazine market. I'm really taking my writing seriously at this point of my life, so as a result I'm starting to research avenues to submit to, buying magazines/journals, and prepping myself so that I can have the highest possibility of getting published.

Okay, I'm rambling.

On a side note: I contacted my University and mentioned you to the department that controls events/lectures and they wrote back asking questions. I told them as much as I could about your interviews and speeches that I have heard online and gave them the link to your website so they could find out what sorts of talks you do. Hopefully they'll contact you. I really hope so.


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