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2020 Vision

Brain Implants

(Rehearsal Transcript)

First aired 2 January 1998

What is 2020 Vision?

Gillian Deacon introduces Robert J. Sawyer. This time, Rob is a man who has recently had an implant placed in his brain. It gives him instantaneous access to the A.D. 2020 equivalent of the World Wide Web — all of the recorded data of humanity.

Gillian: Rob, it's Gill Deacon, and I —

Rob (interrupting): Gill — short for Gillian — Deacon. Co-host of @discovery.ca, the twentieth-century's only daily science-news program. You started working at The Discovery Channel on (date). You were born in Toronto, Ontario, on —

Gillian (flustered): Stop right there! My goodness . . . you know all about me.

Rob: The moment you said your name, my brain implant accessed the knowledge banks and got all the public information on record about you. It's a great device; too bad not everyone can afford one. Still — do you want to know what job you'll have in 2020?

Gillian: Umm, no. Besides, are you sure it's me? There's got to be more than one Gill Deacon in the world.

Rob: The implant checked all their faces; it found you in less than a second.

Gillian: So what has happened to privacy?

Rob: I don't have access to truly personal information; I don't know how much you make, or anything like that . . . but if it was ever reported in the press, or filed with a government office, or otherwise made public, I can retrieve it instantly. In fact, to make things even simpler, my implant sends out a transponder signal: it identifies me to everyone else who has an implant. If I'm attending a party, my transponder lets everyone know what my job is, what my hobbies are, what my marital status is, and so on. If you and I shared an interest in, say, folk music, our implants would immediately notify us, and we could start up a conversation.

Gillian: Notify you? How? Does it talk to you?

Rob: No, it interfaces directly with my brain. The information appears full blown, just as if I'd called it up from memory. And of course, I can access all sorts of information, not just stuff about people. Ask me about anything.

Gillian: All right. What's the capital of Bulgaria?

Rob: (without missing a beat) Sofia, which has a population in your time of 1.1 million people. It was originally a Thracian settlement, but over the centuries has been controlled by Rome, Byzantium, Ottoman Turkey, Russia, and —

Gillian: What's the nearest class-F star to our sun?

Rob: Procyon A in Canis Minor, 11.4 light-years away, at right ascension —

Gillian: That's incredible! But what happens to schooling? Couldn't every kid get an "A" in every subject with that kind of information available?

Rob (with the arrogance of the brain-enhanced): Such 20th century thinking . . . We've shifted away from rote memorization to analysis, and learning how to use information effectively, and, oh, look, Gill, sorry, but I've got to go. My implant says that there's a person over there who shares my interest in fossil hunting. See you!

(Rob exits from the frame)

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