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Coming on Monday: Rob’s op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

This Monday, January 15, 2007, the Ottawa Citizen — the largest-circulation newspaper in Canada’s capital city — will carry an op-ed piece by me, Robert J. Sawyer, on Michael Crichton’s tendency to blend fact and fiction in his books. (An op-ed piece is an article that appears OPosite the EDitorial page; it’s an opinion piece […]

A bunch of nice things

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Lots of nice news in the last 48 hours. First, I’m going to be this year’s Guest of Honour at GenreCon, the nifty one-day genre-fiction con held in Sarnia, Ontario; the date is Saturday, May 12. Robert Charles Wilson and I were at GenreCon two years ago for the Rob and Bob Tour for Mindscan […]

The Robman on CBC’s The Hour

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

CBC Television’s The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos has posted the clip of me — Robert J. Sawyer — talking about the future of transportation which first aired Monday, January 2, 2007. It’s a funny clip in a way. They recorded me in front of a green screen, and then simply keyed in a plain white […]

Rollback pitch to the Fenn sales force

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Behind-the-scenes bonus: Robert J. Sawyer’s three-minute audio pitch (MP3) for Rollback, prepared for the sales force of H.B. Fenn, Tor’s Canadian distributor (a short presentation by Rob on the book and its marketing, one of several such presentations about the season’s major titles that the sales people receive to listen to in their cars.)  

Opening chapters of Rollback

Monday, January 8th, 2007

The opening chapters of Rollback are now available to whet your appetitie on my website as a web page, a Word document, an RTF file, and a PDF. Read ’em online, download them, print them out, or synch them to your PDA or ebook reader. The book comes out April 3, 2007, from Tor. 

Booking school visits

Monday, January 8th, 2007

My buddy Edo van Belkom put me onto Authors’ Booking Service, which specializes in getting authors gigs in schools and libraries in Ontario. So, if you’re a teacher or librarian who’d like to have me come visit, have a look here. 

Sawyer, Schroeder are predicting the future — again

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Today’s Toronto Sun, along with Sun newspapers across Canada, has a long, very good article by Vivian Song, in which Robert J. Sawyer, Karl Schroeder, and Richard Worzel predict what the remaining decades of this century have in store. (You can skip the “astrologist’s” predictions that appear at the end — the Ottawa Sun wisely […]