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SF Signal loves Rollback

by Rob - February 4th, 2008.
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As we count down to the official pub date of the paperback of my Rollback — one more day to go! — SF Signal has weighed in with a lengthy five-star review of the book.

A few snippets:

“Thoroughly entertaining (and accessible) science fiction. Moves fast; one of those books you can’t put down … truly engrossing human drama. The content and motive of the alien communication turns out to be a great springboard for philosophical discussions on morality and ethics, man’s place in the universe, abortion, and more; there are several stop-and-think moments. All through this, he gives us characters that are totally realistic. Rollback succeeds at being the kind of book that can attract a wide audience. It’s got mainstream appeal but is also a great read for fans of thought-provoking science fiction. ***** [out of 5]”

The reviewer is John DeNardo.

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