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Wake delivered

by Rob - February 21st, 2008.
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I am delighted to announce that today I delivered the 100,000-word manuscript for Wake, my 18th novel, to Ginjer Buchanan at Penguin USA’s Ace Science Fiction imprint and to Nicole Winstanely at Penguin Canada.

I’m sure there will still be another draft, when my editors request revisions, and I’m still waiting for some feedback from experts who are reviewing the manuscript — I’ll incorporate what they have to say in the final draft. But, for now, I can set the book aside, and work on something else — like the sequel! Wake is the first volume of my WWW trilogy; the second volume will be called Watch and the third will be Wonder.

I started writing the actual manuscript of Wake on Friday, November 5, 2004. Back then, I’d conceived of it as a standalone novel. I took a break, wrote Rollback, and came back to the project, re-envisioning it as a trilogy.

The book is scheduled for Spring 2009 publication.

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