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You’ll have to speak up, sonny …

by Rob - March 22nd, 2008.
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I’m getting old! I remember when I used to be the youngest guy on the Hugo ballot — now I’m the oldest (or possibly the second oldest). Wikipedia doesn’t have a day and month for Ian McDonald’s birthday, but he was born in 1960, like me.

This year’s best-novel Hugo finalists, in descending order of age:

Robert J. Sawyer: April 29, 1960 (47)
Ian McDonald: 1960 (47?)
Michael Chabon: May 24, 1963 (44)
Charles Stross: October 18, 1964 (43)
John Scalzi: May 10, 1969 (38)

Interesting that we’re all children of the 1960s, though …

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