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Losing my virginity

by Rob - March 27th, 2008.
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… my PowerPoint virginity, that is! ;)

I give lots of keynote addresses about science and futurism topics, but I’ve never used PowerPoint before (nor have I ever had any complaints about its absence … oh, organizers sometimes stammer before my talks, “You … you don’t have PowerPoint?,” but after my talks they never mention its absence, and instead praise the speech).

But today’s topic — a primer on ecommerce for the cottage-country area of Muskoka, 200 km north of Toronto — was one that lent itself to this approach, and so I put together my first PowerPoint presentation. The response to the talk was overwhelmingly positive.

Muskoka got buried in snow last night (Carolyn and I drove up yesterday afternoon), and it sure looked pretty, but I’m glad to be safe and sound at home now …

Playing with PowerPoint was actually kinda fun, and I received a nifty remote control / laser pointer as a gift a while ago, which I used for the first time today, so I might do more PowerPoint in the future.

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