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Booklist loves Identity Theft

by Rob - April 29th, 2008.
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Go me! The American Library Association’s magazine Booklist — one of the buying bibles for bookstores as well as libraries — has a review coming in its May 14, 2008, edition of my new short story collection Identity Theft and Other Stories. Says reviewer Carl Hays:

“As fellow Canadian SF author Robert Charles Wilson points out [in the introduction to the book], Sawyer’s fiction possesses a remarkable down-to-earth quality that appeals to readers of all nationalities. Yet Sawyer’s collection showcases not only an irresistibly engaging narrative voice but also a gift for confronting thorny philosophical conundrums. At every opportunity, Sawyer forces his readers to think while holding their attention with ingenious premises and superlative craftsmanship.”

Not a bad birthday present at all! (Today is my 48th birthday …)

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