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Stan Schmidt for the Hugo!

by Rob - May 14th, 2008.
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Stan’s the man!

I received the latest progress report from Denvention, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention, today here in Canada, and it contains the Hugo voting ballot. So it’s a good time to remind people of all the reasons, back at the nomination stage, that I suggested it’s high time Stanley Schmidt got a Hugo.

This year, 2008, is the 30th anniversary of Stanley Schmidt becoming editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Despite Analog being consistently the English-speaking world’s #1 best-selling SF magazine for that entire period, Stan has never won a Hugo Award for Best Editor.

Stan’s own web page is here. In addition to 2008 being Stan’s 30th anniversary as editor of Analog, it’s also his 40th anniversary as a published SF writer. Besides actually editing Analog (and in a very hands-on fashion, working diligently with his writers), it should be noted that Stan is the only editor of a major SF magazine to write an editorial for each issue, and his editorials are in themselves worth the cost of the magazine.

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