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Interesting tools

by Rob - May 31st, 2008.
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Working furiously on a bunch of projects, including Watch, the sequel to Wake. I’ve been using the index-cards feature of Celtx, a way-cool open-source free media preproduction package, to plot it out. Celtx is a Canadian project (yay, team!), based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The index-card feature is the closest simulation to actually using 3×5 cards on a physical bulletin board that I’ve seen for Windows (and, yes, I like it better than the Scene Navigator in FinalDraft, which I also own).

And on another project — one about which I’ll say more later — I’m collaborating for the first time with Google Docs, which I must say is also way cool. (The team members are also doing their scheduling with Google Calendar.)

Tomorrow, I’m off to Washington, DC, for three days to chair a keynote panel at the Gartner IT Security Summit.

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