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Monday spotlight: Frameshift structural analysis

by Rob - April 10th, 2006.
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Just finished a wonderful weekend in Calgary, attending the Spring 2006 Write-Off weekend organized by Danita Maslan for the Imaginative Fiction Writers’ Association (IFWA). I knew it was going to be a great trip, ’cause I got recognized by the staff in the bookstore at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and asked to sign stock, which I happily did.

This morning, I was driven to the Calgary airport by writer Barb Geiger, and noted that she is currently reading my Seiun Award-winning and Hugo Award-nominated Frameshift. And so, for today’s Monday Spotlight, highlighting one of the 500+ articles on my website at I offer this: A Structural Analysis of Frameshift. (Note that this document contains spoilers — if you haven’t yet read Frameshift, you might want to hold off reading this.)

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