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Janis Ian on Saturday Night Live this weekend

by Rob - June 25th, 2008.
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Granted, it’s a repeat — from 33 years ago! To commemorate the passing of George Carlin, the first-ever host of Saturday Night Live, that very first episode is being repeated this Saturday night, June 28, 2008, on NBC in SNL‘s usual timeslot — and one of the musical guests on that historic first episode was my friend Janis Ian, who performed her hit “At Seventeen.”

That’s Janis on that SNL broadcast above, and me and Janis at her place in Nashville in January 2007 below.

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  1. Great picture of Janis who has aged beautifully! She's been of mine since the 70s. I a Gay man and was so proud of Janis when she came out publicly. She's a great songwriter, lyricist, musician and singer. Sadly overlooked and under appreciated.
    Thanks for both photos!

    mark in san francisco

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