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For those who like the hominid skulls in my home

by Rob - September 26th, 2008.
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Visitors to my home frequently remark on the life-size reproductions of fossil hominid skulls I have in my living room and office. For those who are curious, most of them are from Bone Clones. The ones in my living room are:

Australopithecus aethiopicus (aka Paranthropus aethiopicus) (“the Black Skull”) skull only KNM-WT (pictured above)

Australopithecus boisei (aka Paranthropus boisei) skull only OH 5 (Zinjanthropus — Nutcracker Man)

Homo erectus skull and jaws BH-005 — Peking Man

Homo neanderthalensis skull and jaws BH-015 – La Chapelle-aux-Saints — Neanderthal Man

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