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How to make business cards pay for themselves

by Rob - October 1st, 2008.
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I get my business cards from VistaPrint — and I always pay for the cards, rather than take their free ones that have advertising (usually for their own printing services) on the back.

(Even if you’re a fiction writer, you’re still a business person — so present yourself as such; cards with ads for somebody else on the back are just one step above painting a big “L” on your forehead …)

Anyway, the cards are cheap enough as is, but mine always end up paying for themselves, because whenever I go to a restaurant, I drop one in the fishbowl or box that says “You could win a free lunch.” I find my card gets selected somewhere every few months.

Today’s free lunch: Swiss Chalet, my favorite barbecue-chicken chain. Woohoo!

* There Is Too Such A Thing As A Free Lunch

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