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First review of Wake

by Rob - December 18th, 2008.
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Niteblade News has weighed in with the first review I’ve seen of Wake, volume one of my upcoming WWW trilogy. The very kind review, by Aaron Clifford, calls the book “plausible and touching” (and contains no spoilers). You can read the full review here. Wake will be published in April 2009.

(By the way, I have never seen the movie Hackers.)

And, on top of that, I got my very first fan letter for Wake today — the first feedback I’d had from someone in the general public (a person who had just finished reading the serialization in Analog):

Wow! Yeah! Woohoo! And Oh-my-God! ;-)

Rob, I’ve said it so many times now, yet it never gets old for me: You write amazing endings! I love that of your books!

Congratulations for Wake! Another master-piece. Very well executed and a fantastic read! I really, really enjoyed it!

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