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Caitlin gets a boob job

by Rob - January 12th, 2009.
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My friend Debi Ancel is a librarian in Montreal, and she just forwarded me the Library of Congress catalog information for Wake, my upcoming novel about 15-year-old blind math genius Caitlin Decter. Among the Library of Congress subject headings are “Women mathematicians” and “Implants, Artificial.”

Hee hee.

(The full list of subject headings: “Blind women,” “Women mathemeticians,” “Implants, Artificial,” “World Wide Web,” and “Artificial intelligence.”)

By the way, Debi gave me the terrific T-shirt below, after I said I preferred the term “philosophical fiction” to “science fiction.” It identities me as the “World’s Best Phi-Fi Author.” :)

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