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Taral for the Hugo

by Rob - January 17th, 2009.
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This is the eleventh in a series of blog posts in which I’m going to discuss people and things that I think merit consideration for this year’s Hugo and Aurora Awards; both sets of awards will be given at the Montreal Worldcon this year.

It astonishes me that Taral Wayne and I have known each other for over thirty years. Taral will be the Fan Guest of Honour at the Worldcon in Montreal this year. He’s been nominated seven times previously for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist, and he’s won the Rotsler Award, just this past year.

It would certainly be odd if he weren’t on the Hugo ballot for Montreal. If you haven’t encountered his work before, see here and here, and have a look at his Wikipedia entry here. Also, fellow Toronto-based Hugo winners Mike Glicksohn and Robert Charles Wilson offer appreciations of Taral here.

For the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist:

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