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The Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now!

by Rob - January 23rd, 2009.
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Okay, I confess I bought a copy of The Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now! for three resaons. First, I was curious about what a new Canadian small press might be up to. Second, my friend Virginia O’Dine designed the cover. And third the author is Nina Munteanu, whom I’ve always enjoyed running into at conventions. So, what the heck, a few clicks of the mouse, a little money gone from my PayPal account.

The book arrived on Monday (more about why that’s important in a moment), and I’ve got to say I’m really impressed. It’s beautifully printed and bound, and it’s a substantial work: 264 pages.

Nina has one novel to her credit — the excellent Darwin’s Paradox — but I’m always leery of how-to-write books by people early in their careers. In this case, though, I’m very impressed. Yes, indeed, Nina shares the hard-won knowledge she’s accumulated in having her first novel brought to market. But she also quotes, summarizes, and comments on the writing advice of lots of seasoned pros, myself included. She provides references at the end of each chapter, and lots of fascinating tidbits. I’m thoroughly enjoying the book, and even learning a thing or two!

Now, why is the date I got my copy important? I pre-ordered the book, and I believe that I got one of the very first copies — and, as I say, I received it on Monday, January 19, 2009. But the copyright date says 2008. Pixl Press says there was a delay in printing. This book is really a 2009 book, and I’m urging the Aurora and Hugo Award administrators to recognize it as such: it’s got a real shot at the Aurora to be given next year for “Best Work in English (Other),” and deserves consideration for the Hugo Award for Best Related Book, too.

Congratulations, Nina!

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