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Sigh — more ToBeCONtinued crap

by Rob - May 12th, 2006.
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So now the ToBeCONtinued website says this: “Due to cancelations Aaron Douglas, Robert Sawyer, and Weta will not be at the convention. Causing us to scale back our program somewhat.” Again, WTF? I did NOT cancel.

Oh, and look here: an apology! What’s that? You don’t see it? Well, you must be using a screen resolution of 1024×768 or less, ’cause you have to scroll to the second page of a “Click image to enter” page to see it — yup, there it is, in red type on a black background, hidden below the ads. Touched, I am.

Oh, and I guess a few details weren’t properly ironed out with the hotel. The con website now says:

Due to space problems there will be no art show at To Be Continued this year. All art mailed in will be returned to Artists in the condition it arrived in.

Chicago Games Quest has been canceled this year due to space problems. Sorry for the trouble.

Due to space problems we have been forced to greatly reduce our film schedule to Saturday night starting at 5pm only. We will be showing the Movie Trailer Panel, Lego Film, Zathura, and Serenity. Sorry for the inconvienience.

Due to space problems we have had to cancel our Luau.

Due to hotel problems we regret the we have to cancel our consuite. The hotel has social areas to meet and gather as well as restaurants and bar. Sorry for any trouble this causes you.

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