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Is it Flash Forward or Flashforward?

by Rob - February 21st, 2009.
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Is the title of my book — and the TV series based on it — one word or two? I was asked that question in the comments section of this post, but since people keep wondering, I’m putting the answer in its own blog post, too:

It’s complicated (sigh). I always intended the title to be one word, Flashforward, since it’s a play on the word flashback, which is a single word.

But when designing the book cover, Tor’s art department split it into two words on the cover and the spine (without anyone asking me if it was okay), but left it as one on the back cover, and the interior designer left it as one everywhere, too.

David S. Goyer, Brannon Braga and I all discussed this in L.A. back in 2007, and all agreed that the title should be one word logically, but people keep referencing it as two words, because that’s what they see on the book cover, and that ended up being the spelling used for the TV series title.

I’ve given up the fight: I’m now referring to my book as Flash Forward — two words. But it really was a decison the author, not the art department, should have made.

(For Pete’s sake, “Flashforward” as as single word is only one letter longer than “Calculating” and just two letters longer than “Frameshift,” both of which they managed to fit on a single line on other covers of mine …)

More about the novel formerly known as Flashforward is here.

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