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The Saucer Fleet

by Rob - February 25th, 2009.
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OMG, if you like 1950s and 1960s SF movies and TV shows as much as I do, you have to run and buy The Saucer Fleet by Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers.

It’s a painstaking, loving, profusely illustrated tribute to the great screen flying saucers of SF: the C57-D from Forbidden Planet, the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space, the ship from The Invaders, the manta-ray saucers from The War of the Worlds, Exeter’s craft from This Island Earth, and more. Tons of detail, tons of screen captures, tons of blueprints, tons of trivia, all in colour on glossy paper — many hours of reading/browsing pleasure.

List price is $59.95 (and worth it!), but if you’re in Canada grab it from for just Cdn$37.77 ( says “this title has not yet been released” — but it has; my copy arrived from them today.)

By the way, the publisher is Canada’s own Apogee Books, famed for its Apollo Mission Reports series (but the book is available worldwide). I love, love, love this book!

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