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To Be Continued acknowledges its error on site

by Rob - May 13th, 2006.
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In a comment to this posting on my blog, Lis Riba provides this link to a photo on LiveJournal of a poster behind the registration desk on site at ToBeContinued, going on right now in Illinois (emphasis added):

To Be Continued 5

Due to cancellations and space issues the following items and people will not be at this year show:

Aaron Douglas
Bob Eggleton
Weta Workshop

Internet Café
Art Show
Critter Crunch

Finally, due to an error on our part Robert J. Sawyer will not be in attendance. Our apology to him.

We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you. We have a great show still planned with a lot of great panelists and Guests of Honor and hope you will enjoy the convention.

To Be Continued

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