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Email woes — some messages lost

by Rob - April 7th, 2009.
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If you wrote to me, and haven’t heard back — I apologize! My Yahoo! Mail account has been eating some of my email; I don’t know why. (It hasn’t just been misfiling it as spam; it’s actually just not showing up in the account at all.)

All email to my domain gets mirrored to both a Yahoo! Mail Plus account (a premium one that I pay for) and a Gmail account. I’ve recently discovered, though, that some of it just seems to disappear at the Yahoo! end (including some very important emails).

I like the Yahoo! interface better, and really was only using the Gmail account for backup … but looking through it I’ve found dozens of important, legitimate emails that should have shown up at Yahoo! as well (since they were addressed to me at, but never did. And I’m sure a bunch have fallen through the cracks.

So, apologies if you wrote to me and never heard back! I reply personally to all my fan mail, and all business stuff, too; if you didn’t hear from me, it was inadvertent. Please write to me again, and please accept my apologies.

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