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WWW milestones

by Rob - April 11th, 2009.
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Yesterday, Wake started showing up in Canadian bookstores (and I myself saw the nice display of copies at the Indigo on Yonge Street just north of the 407 in Greater Toronto).

And I got to do something that’s very special: I got to autograph the first copy of the finished book. I always annotate that copy (“First copy signed by the author”), and the one for Wake went to Kelly Smith, a friend from Willowdale Junior High. (It also got inscribed, “Thanks for the kiss all those years ago” — but that’s another story …)

See, last night, a few of us who went to Willowdale Junior High or Northview Heights Secondary School got together at the Kelsey’s restaurant next to that Indigo for a little reunion (made possible by the magic of Facebook). Kelly (as well as old friends Roberta Torkoff [now Roberta Blank] and Ginter Karosas) went off to the store during dinner to buy copies of Wake, which was very kind of them.

And today, right on the heels of Wake coming out, I finished my final revisions on Watch, the second volume in the WWW trilogy.

And that got done just in time for me to hit the road promoting Wake: in two days, I leave for San Francisco (and am reading and signing at Borderland Books there Monday night at 7:00 p.m.).


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