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Monday Spotlight: Star Trek V

by Rob - May 22nd, 2006.
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People find my website when searching on all sorts of terms. One term that recently brought a nice person to my site was “Sybok” (I know it was a nice person, because he went on to send me a couple of emails). Sybok is the name of Spock’s half-brother in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and he’s a character I’m rather fond of: the laughing Vulcan. If you’ve read my books, such as Calculating God, you know I’m fascinated by the science vs. religion debate, and Sybok nicely symbolizes that.

Also, back in 2000, I got to work with William Shatner for a few days. He was lined up to be executive producer of a computer-animated TV series I created for Nelvana, a Canadian animation house (a damn good series called Exodus: Mars, that, sadly, never got made); Bill and I went around to various networks in Hollywood, pitching the series together. I found him to be highly creative, highly intelligent, highly pleasant, and highly professional — and, of course, he was the director of Star Trek V.

And so, for today’s Monday Spotlight, highlighting one of the 500+ documents on my website at, I offer up this little essay from 1991 on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

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