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SFFaudio reviews Wake

by Rob - April 16th, 2009.
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And a lovely review it is, too. Of course, they’re reviewing the unabridged audio book version from, but the review says lots of nice things about the novel. Particularly gratifying to me is this:

Is Caitlin’s blindness realistic? This is where my own personal experience comes into play. I’ve been legally blind since birth, although since I have some residual vision the comparison isn’t exact. Even so, it’s evident to me that Robert J. Sawyer has done his homework in this regard. Caitlin’s life is replete with all the trappings associated with blind life: white canes (which I just traded in for my first guide dog), text-to-speech screen-reading software, and braille displays. More importantly, Sawyer understands how the world is conceived and constructed for those of us with either no vision or limited vision.

And the reviewer (Seth Wilson) likes my characters, too:

Wake strikes a good balance between the cerebral and the emotional. [Caitlin] Decter is a complex and ultimately likable character. … The supporting cast of characters in Caitlin’s life are just as three-dimensional. … The interactions and conflicts between the characters are subtly portrayed, lending Wake a sense of realism despite the bizarre goings-on behind Caitlin’s eyes.

You can read the whole review here, and get’s version of the novel here, and learn more about my novel here.

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