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Pictures from Vancouver and Calgary

by Rob - April 22nd, 2009.
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Photos from the book tour stops in Vancouver (at White Dwarf) and Calgary (at Sentry Box:

A packed house at White Dwarf. Photo by kc dyer.

Part of the crowd at Sentry Box. Calgary photos by Kirstin Morrell.

The shirt I’m wearing depicts the famous S. Harris cartoon that figures a couple of times in the plot of Wake, including its first appearance here:

Kuroda had brought his notebook computer with him. Caitlin, curious, ran her hands over it. When closed it was as thin as the latest MacBook Air, but when she opened it she was astonished to feel full-height keycaps rise up from what had been a flat keyboard. She’d read that lots of technology appears in Japan months or even years before becoming available in North America, but this was the first real proof she’d had that that was true. “So, what’s on your desktop?” she asked.

“My wallpaper, you mean?”

“Yes.” Caitlin had had her mom put a photo of Schrödinger — the cat, not the physicist — on as her wallpaper; even though she couldn’t see it, it made her happy knowing it was there.

“It’s my favorite cartoon, actually. It’s by a fellow named Sidney Harris. He specializes in science cartoons — you see his stuff taped to office doors in university science departments all over the world. Anyway, this one shows two scientists standing in front of a blackboard and on the left there are a whole bunch of equations and formulas, and on the right there’s more of the same, but in the middle it just says, `Then a miracle occurs …’ And one of the scientists says to the other, `I think you should be more explicit here in step two.'”

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