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The Toronto Star on Wake and RJS

by Rob - May 10th, 2009.
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The Toronto Star — Canada’s largest circulation newspaper — has an article about Robert J. Sawyer and his novel Wake in the Sunday, May 10, 2009, edition; the article is by Philip K. Dick Award-finalist Minister Faust.

Faust says, in part:

Best known as the author of the Hugo Award-winning Hominids, Sawyer is Canada’s answer to near-future science-ponderer Michael Crichton. He’s also a pacifist, whose oeuvre is at odds with much of science fiction, supposedly the literature of big ideas but which so often descends to war-porn and genocidal wish-fulfilment.

Sawyer’s success proves that science fiction doesn’t have to be that way. Frequently against an unabashedly Canadian backdrop, Sawyer’s tales engage issues as diverse as the existence of God, Neanderthal ethics and techno-immortality. His career of delivering provocative novels, without murder as the key dramatic device, proves that the genre formerly known as the “scientific romance” is as relevant as ever, if not more.

The whole article is here.

Sawyer also appeared on Minister Faust’s Edmonton radio show recently; that audio interview is here.

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