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Robotech and me

by Rob - May 26th, 2006.
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Had a wonderful two-hour lunch today with Tommy Yune, co-director of the recently completed movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. To my absolute delight, Tommy told me I get a “thanks to” credit at the end of the film.

Why’s that, you ask? Well, back in early 2003, I was hired by Harmony Gold to write a series bible for a potential revival of Robotech. I worked very closely with Tommy on that (he flew to Toronto from Los Angeles so we could work together at my home from Sunday, February 15, to Friday, February 21, 2003).

As often happens in Hollywood, the project ended up going in other directions, and my proposal (called Robotech: Rendezvous with Destiny) was never made. But Tommy says it was an important part of the development process for the final film they did end up producing. I haven’t seen the full film yet (it was just screened at Cannes!), but the excerpts I’ve seen look amazingly good.

I’m tickled pink about all this: I have nothing but fond memories of the time I spent working on reviving Robotech, and Tommy and I have remained great friends ever since. (He’s in Toronto right now for Anime North, Canada’s biggest anime convention.) Mecha forever!

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