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Star Trek credits not newbie friendly

by Rob - May 25th, 2009.
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Despite all the attempts to make the new Star Trek movie as friendly as possible for people unfamiliar with the franchise to follow, the ending credits actually assume a lot of Star Trek knowledge if you want to figure out who played whom.

Winona Ryder is credited as playing “Amanda Grayson,” a name never heard in the film (and a last name that’s a real piece of trivia, only uttered a single time, in the animated Star Trek). Ben Cross is credited with playing “Sarek,” a name never heard in the film. Jennifer Morrison is credited with playing “Winona Kirk,” a character whose first name is never heard in the film (but comes from the Star Trek novels). Simon Pegg is credited as playing “Scotty,” a nickname heard only obliquely in the film. And Karl Urban is credited as playing “Bones,” a nickname only heard in passing near the end of the film.

Easier-to-follow credits would have called the characters “Spock’s Mother,” “Spock’s Father,” “Kirk’s Mother,” “Scott” (or “Montgomery Scott,” since the full name is spoken by the older Spock in the film), and “McCoy” (or “Leonard McCoy,” since the character does introduce himself by his full name).

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