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Karen Gillan new companion for Doctor Who

by Rob - May 29th, 2009.
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Readers of my fiction occasionally think they can tease out details about my private life from what I write. One such surmise I hear periodically is that I must have a thing for red-headed women (they cite Lenore from Rollback and Tess from End of an Era).

I neither confirm nor deny this, but instead simply post the first official photo of the new companion for the Doctor, and say, “Yowza!”

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1 Response to Karen Gillan new companion for Doctor Who

  1. *nod* Definitely yowza, if it means what I think it means.

    This may be an odd thing for me to say to you in my first comment on your stuff, but uh yeah, I’ve got a thing for red-headed women, though I never bothered to surmise that about you because the philosophical sci-fi concepts in your books are so fascinating.

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