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SFRevu reviews SF novel Wake — practically a palindrome!

by Rob - June 8th, 2009.
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And a very nice review it is, too:

A brilliant look at interspecies communication with some remarkable insights into the future of artificial intelligence; one of Robert Sawyer’s best efforts and one that will open your eyes to new possibilities. He’s likely to score a hit with everyone from Gibson and Stephenson’s crowd to science oriented YA readers of both genders looking for a summer read.

What I found most interesting about the review (by Ernest Lilley, SFRevu‘s Senior Editor), though, is that it’s the first one (that I’ve seen anyway) that actually picks up on my reference to William Gibson’s Neuromancer, something I thought all of the SF reviewers would mention; Wake has been out for two months (precisely, as of today), and Ernest is the first one to make mention of it:

If books were movies, I’d suggest this on a double bill with Neuromancer, which Rob can’t resist making a humorous reference to, “The sky above the island was the color of television turned to a dead channel …” he mentions, and which we may remember is taken from opening line to Gibson’s classic. But he continues, “… which is to say it was a bright, cheery blue” which pretty much sums up the difference between the two books. In Neuromancer, there was a presumption of decay and heartlessness, while here there’s the opposite — people (and other entities) are as often helpful as hateful, though Sawyer does not dismiss selfishness or callousness by any means.

You can read the full review here.

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