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Nice fan letter

by Rob - July 24th, 2009.
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Always nice to hear from a satisfied customer:


After having picked up The The Terminal Experiment at a used bookstore and relegating it to my “Things To Read” bookshelf for far too long, I finally picked it up and was pleasantly surprised. So it was easy for me to grab Calculating God a few days later while perusing my local library, and I was completely BLOWN AWAY! As a former fundamentalist now devout atheist I found the book incredibly compelling, funny and superbly well-written with the many of the usual and not-so-usual arguments presented brilliantly. And for fear of sounding like a nerdy fanboy I really feel that you were robbed a Hugo against JK Rowling.

I then went and immediately read Rollback (another brilliant novel) and just now finished the thoroughly enjoyable FlashForward Flashforward (it’s been quite the RJS week) and felt I should take the time to send you short note of praise. You have a very accessible style full of compelling and new ideas.

While not normally prone to gush, I feel an artist likes to hear from someone who really appreciates their work instead of just critics. No need to respond, just wanted to say thanks for some very, very good literature and keep up the good work.

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