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Starplex coming in March 2010

by Rob - August 1st, 2009.
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I’m delighted to announce that Red Deer Press, a division of Canadian publisher Fitzhenry & Whiteside, will be reissuing my 1996 novel Starplex in March 2010 (next spring) in trade paperback (with an unabridged audiobook available from


by Robert J. Sawyer

The only novel of its year to be nominated for both the Hugo and the Nebula Awards

From the author of FlashForward, a far-future spaceships-and-alien hard-SF extravaganza in the tradition of Larry Niven.

The interstellar shortcuts are open. Discovery awaits.

Winner of the Aurora Award!

“Sawyer’s latest should gladden the hearts of readers who complain that nobody’s writing real science fiction anymore, the kind of story that has faster-than-light spaceships and far-off planets and interstellar combat. Sawyer deftly juggles half a dozen sweeping questions of cosmology (not to mention everyday ethics and morality) while keeping the story moving ahead full speed. His scientific ideas are nicely integrated into the plot, yet they also hint at larger metaphorical levels. Enjoy.” — Asimov’s Science Fiction

“Mind-boggling. A complaint often heard these days is that there’s not enough `sense of wonder’ in today’s science fiction. Starplex ought to lay that complaint to rest for quite a while.” — Analog Science Fiction and Fact

“An epic hard-science adventure tempered by human concerns. Highly recommended.” — Library Journal

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