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Ottawa Citizen blogs Worldcon

by Rob - August 12th, 2009.
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Check it out: The Ottawa Citizen — the largest circulation newspaper in Canada’s capital city — sent a reporter named Kate Heartfield to the Montreal Worldcon, and she blogs about it here in an entry entitled “Gaiman, Krugman, Sawyer and Ottawa writers at the Auroras.”

Included in the blog post: Photo of Ottawa writers Hayden Trenholm and Peter Atwood, plug for the new books by Hayden and Matthew Johnson from Bundoran Press, and, I must say, a super nice concluding paragraph:

Then we trooped over to a launch party for Trenholm’s book Steel Whispers, and for a book called Fall from Earth by another very nice Ottawa writer (they’re everywhere!) named Matthew Johnson. Both were published by Bundoran Press. Robert Sawyer was at the party (and was a presenter and nominee at the Auroras). It seems like everywhere I go, people are talking about what an incredible friend Sawyer is to young SF writers, how much he gives back to the community. And from what I saw from the fringes of the party, he’s a friendly, humble guy who seemed to always have his attention on someone else’s needs, whether it was lugging a box of books for a younger writer or giving a big hug to a former student.

Blush. The full blog post is here.

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