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Final Draft: Good program, but, come on!

by Rob - September 14th, 2009.
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An email I received today about Final Draft, a popular scriptwriting program. The version I use, 6, is about to have tech support discontinued, which I don’t mind. But I do mind this:

Because authorizing version 6 is very much a technical matter, this service will also be discontinued on December 23rd. You will still be able to run the program in full mode on an unauthorized computer as long as the CD is in the drive when the program is launched. Once the program is open the CD can be removed. You will still have every program command and feature available to you, the same as the day you bought it. The only difference will be if your computer is not authorized, you will need to take this one extra step in order to open the application.

The CD, of course, is copy-protected, so once it dies, you’re hosed (and, of course, one can’t use Final Draft 6 on most netbooks now, since they lack CD drives). Thanks heaps, guys.

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