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Screen captures of my little FlashForward cameo

by Rob - September 26th, 2009.
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I’m very briefly in the first scene of the third act of the first episode of FlashForward, the ABC TV series based on my novel of the same name.

Remember the scene that ends with the guy watching the TVs through the store window with Joe Fiennes’s character, and the guy says, “It’s the whole world.” Then there’s a commerical break, and when we come back, Joe’s character gets a call from Sonya Walger’s character; I’m in the background of two of the shots of Sonya, talking on a cellphone.

Here are two wide-screen screen captures of Robert J. Sawyer’s cameo in the FlashForward pilot, courtesy of

Rob to the left of Sonya

Rob to the right of Sonya

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