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In Los Angeles with the FlashForward staff writers

by Rob - November 15th, 2009.
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Having a blast in Los Angeles (have been here since Sunday November 8).

Spent five days last week with the staff writers for FlashForward, the ABC TV series based on my novel of the same name. The show’s current staff writers are (alphabetically): Scott Gimple, David S. Goyer, Ian Goldberg, Seth Hoffman, Barbara Nance, Quinton Peeples, Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin, and Lisa Zwerling, and they’re all terrific. It’s been enormous fun watching them bounce ideas off each other, and getting to kick in some of my own.

Also watched some of the filming of episodes 11 and 12 this past week (watching on location with regulars Peyton List and Zachary Knighton and guest star Lindsay Crouse, and on our soundstage with regulars Jack Davenport and Dominic Monaghan, and guest star Ricky Jay), plus got to chat with John Cho when he dropped by the writers’ offices, and also ran into Brannon Braga, who co-authored the pilot episode with David Goyer.

I’ll be here until Saturday, November 21, 2009. Next week, we begin breaking (outlining) episode 17, the one I’m writing; that episode is scheduled to air Thursday, March 18, 2010.

I’ll never get around to retro-blogging everything that happened this past week, but you can get a sense of it from these updates from my Facebook wall (where I’m “Robert J. Sawyer” — and, yes, I do accept readers and fans as friends).


  • Wonderful five-hour dinner with consciousness researcher Stuart Hameroff (whose work is often mentioned in my novels), Deep Space Nine actress Chase Masterson, and director James Kerwin.
  • Cool having Dominic Monaghan tell me what his favorite part of the FLASHFORWARD novel was, and talking particle physics with Jack Davenport.
  • John Cho just dropped by the writers’ offices at FLASHFORWARD; now, heading off to the set to watch Dominic Monaghan and Jack Davenport shoot a scene.
  • Watched episode 10 of FLASHFORWARD (the one that will air in two weeks’ time) today with the staff writers — it’s one of our very best. Also, great meeting with my agent. And attended Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) meeting. :)


  • Fascinating time in the FLASHFORWARD writers’ room today, plus got to meet Peyton List (Nicole) for the first time, and watched her and Zachary Knighton shoot a terrific scene. Also, met with one of the producers interested in one of my other books, and it went wonderfully. Plus: dinner with high-school buddy Asbed Bedrossian and his family. Whew!


  • People’s Choice Awards nominees for Best New TV drama: “Eastwick,” “FlashForward,” “Melrose Place,” “Mercy,” “The Forgotten,” “The Good Wife,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Three Rivers,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “V”
  • After the FLASHFORWARD writers’ room adjourned for the day, went for coffee with Tommy Yune, who directed ROBOTECH: THE SHADOW CHRONICLES, then dinner with Eric Greene, author of PLANET OF THE APES AS AMERICAN MYTH.


  • Nothing is cooler than being in the offices of the TV series based on one of your novels and taking calls about potential film and TV adaptations of two of your other books. :D


  • In L.A., at the FLASHFORWARD offices, hanging out in the writers’ room. Having a blast!
  • Britain’s THE TIMES reviews the FLASHFORWARD novel: “[T]he novel is an intellectual puzzle, drawing on theoretical physics to raise questions about time and space and the existence of free will, and proves once again that good science fiction does not need visual special effects to thrill.”
  • Safe and sound in L.A. Watched TERMINATOR SALVATION on the seat-back TV during the five-hour flight from Toronto.

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