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Jagster lives!

by Rob - December 9th, 2009.
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My latest novel, Wake, postulates a competitor for Google named Jagster. As the novel says:

In the tradition of silly Web acronyms (“Yahoo!” stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”), Jagster is short for “Judiciously Arranged Global Search-Term Evaluative Ranker” — and the battle between Google and Jagster has been dubbed the “Ranker rancor” by the press …

And now a technology using very much the sort of system I described for Jagster is being employed in the UK to search to gauge the degree of online piracy. (I make no comment here about the ethics of what’s happening the UK, but the technique of actually analyzing every packet in the datastream to determine who is looking at what is very similar to the technique I proposed for Jagster.)

Read about it at The Register and New Scientist.

(Seekrit RJS trivia: I really named Jagster in honour of my great friend, Hugo-nominated SF writer James Alan Gardner, whom I often affectionately call “The Jagster.”)

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2 Responses to Jagster lives!

  1. I was saddened too when I finished reading your book and realized that there wasn't a real Jagster…
    Ah well. There's still time.
    Great book by the way!

  2. same, i thought jagster was a great idea and was upset when i found it didnt exist, but Cyc exists and thats pretty much blown my mind out the door…

    amazing book, gonna get Watch

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