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Free Microsoft-compatible office suite

by Rob - December 16th, 2009.
Filed under: Software.

A year ago, the fine folks at SoftMaker in Germany were giving away their terrific SoftMaker Office Suite 2006 for free; I blogged about it here. They’re repeating the offer — except this time it’s the newer SoftMaker Office Suite 2008 that’s free. It’s well worth grabbing — and SoftMaker makes a donation to charity for each download. (This isn’t their latest version; that’s SoftMaker Office Suite 2010, and it costs money.)

For WordStar users like me, the included TextMaker wordprocessor optionally supports the WordStar keyboard interface. Just select Tools, Customize, Keyboard Mappings and switch from “Default” (Word-like) to “Classic” (WordStar-like).

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