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Canadian SF publishers and writers: Get with the program

by Rob - December 28th, 2009.
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Judging by the entries in the Canadian SF Works Database, there were all of five stories published in On Spec this past year, and just two in Neo-opsis, and just two in Tesseracts Thirteen. That’s all that are listed in the wiki that many Canadian nominators rely on in filling out their Aurora and Hugo ballots.

Oh, and the magazines On Spec and Neo-opsis, plus the anthologies Tesseracts Thirteen and Women of the Apocalypse aren’t listed, either. And apparently Edge, Canada’s largest SF publisher, issued just one book last year.

It would behoove the publishers of these works to update the listings. Any Canadians who published any science fiction, fantasy, or horror in 2009 should get their works listed in the wiki; you can, and should, enter your own works. Come on, folks. It’s a public Wiki, and no one is going to do this for you.

(Hats off to whoever put up the complete listings for Campus Chills and the titles published by Bundoran Press. The rest of you: get with the program!)

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