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Toronto Life profiles RJS

by Rob - February 9th, 2010.
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Toronto Life, a glossy newstand magazine devoted to the finer things in Canada’s largest city, profiles Robert J. Sawyer in the March 2010 issue; as a subscriber, I received my copy in the mail today.

It’s a terrific article; I’m absolutely thrilled with it. And it’s accopanied by an amazing photo of me in my office. The article is by Sheena Goodyear, and the photo is by Finn O’Hara.

An excerpt:

Sawyer’s fast-paced prose blends adventure and philosophical exploration, riveting readers to implausible narratives populated by talking space dinosaurs; dimension-shifting, bisexual Neanderthals; and six-legged aliens (who infiltrate the ROM). They’re also meticulously researched examinations of modern culture in the face of world-altering progress. He pits spirituality against pragmatism and shows characters at their most vulnerable, usually within recognizable Canadian settings. It’s like CanLit on meth, and he has made addicts out of thousands of middle-aged sci-hards.

“Like CanLit on meth.” I like that.

Robert J. Sawyer online:

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