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Another Kuroda

by Rob - March 15th, 2010.
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I revealed in this blog post that the character of Kuroda, the information theorist from my WWW trilogy consisting of Wake, Watch, and Wonder, is named for the PROBE Control telemetry specialist Kuroda from the 1972 TV series Search, which had a big influence on me.

But I should note that there’s another Kuroda in science fiction: the man known as “The Last Kamikaze” from the episode of that title from The Six Million Dollar Man. The Kuroda on Search was played by Byron Chung; the Kuroda on SMDM was played, absolutely brilliantly, by John Fujioka. For those who thought SMDM nothing but mindless action adventure, I commend “The Last Kamikaze” to your attention: I can’t watch it without getting tears in my eyes. You can read all about the SMDM character in the Bionic Wiki here.

Judy Burns wrote “The Last Kamikaze” (and its sequel, “The Wolf Boy”), and co-wrote the original Star Trek episode “The Tholian Web.”

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