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by Rob - September 23rd, 2010.
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I was Special Guest at the wonderful science-fiction convention FenCon in Dallas last weekend, and there Glenda Boozer debuted her new filk song Math Geek Love, based on my novel WWW: Watch. I think it’s absolutely charming, and with Glenda’s kind permission, I’m sharing the lyrics here:

Math Geek Love

by Glenda Boozer

Math geek, math geek, Calcu-lass,
Talking in the back of the algebra class
With a nice guy, Though he’s a tad shy.

Math geek Caitlin, math geek Matt
Down in the basement with the calico cat
She can see now,
Feeling so free now,

And they whirl and they twirl in Dad’s work chair;
Wonder if Mom knows they’re down there.
Webmind gets an eyeful thereof:
Looks like math geek love.

Caitlin tells Matt; Matt says, “Wow!
My girlfriend knows Webmind
&#151 what did I say now?”
But it’s all right:
Caitlin holds him tight,

Now there’s someone attacking,
and Matt is to blame,
But they can forgive him; it’s a game
They can win now.
They won’t give in now.

And they whirl and they twirl in Dad’s work chair;
Wonder if Dad knows they’re in there?
NSA is fretting above,
Looks like math geek love.

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